Monday, February 16, 2009

Roughing It

I just saw this article in the TravelPod forums and loved it!! The author puts really good perspective and definition to roughing it and pushing our boundaries.

I like the idea. Especially as I look down the road and to potential solo trips, it would be good for me to start getting outside of my comfort zone and also simplifying things. My upcoming trip to Orlando is hardly what you might consider roughing it but I'm trying to think of some ways to scale back . . .

**Our suite has a kitchenette so we'll only likely be eating dinners out at local restaurants. Once we get there we'll be able to hit a local grocery store for lunch and snack items since the hotel does provide breakfast; we'll see what that amounts to!

**We've made the decision to rent a car (much more cost-effective than cabs and I've heard Orlando's public transportation isn't great). Now, while having a car handy is convenient this will definitely put us in a position to bust out a map, figure out the city and GO WITH THE FLOW.

**I do have one rule in place when I travel and that's that I won't visit any chain restaurant than I can have at home. This forces me to open up to new menus and I'm also hoping on this trip to get to some great local fare . . . thinking seafood, mmmm!

**Ok, well this might be a big one but I am going to totally trim down my cosmetics and toiletries!! Ahh, what can I chop out? Maybe one of the 3-4 creams/serums/moisturizers I slather on every day? Maybe the option of 4 interchangable eyeshadows? This one will be a challenge.

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