Monday, February 16, 2009

Defining Decisions

Well, I have embarked on something new that's for sure! My first ever girls getaway . . . theatrics included. There were four, and now there are three. Within 48 hours of the planning process beginning, one of our travelmates quietly bowed out. We tried to make a ruckus. We tried to get her attention and let her know how much we want her to go, but nothing . . . not a single word.

Have I mentioned we're planning this awesome excursion via email!?!? With three (two now) of us in different locations in Des Moines and the other in Denver, it's the best we can do. But, I've taken a simple approach and we've nailed down some basics:

Who: Well, we thought this was the simple part to have the four of us to keep costs down but since losing one we may try to find a replacement.
What: Our primary goal is to get somewhere warm, preferably with a beach!
Why: Ummm, because it's freakin' cold here and we deserve a getaway dag nabit!
When: Spring Break, unfortunately I'm the only one with a school-age kid so I'm being the pain and making the other girls work around me so that my son can go to Granny's for a few days.
Where: Well, this is still pretty broad. We had generally discussed somewhere in Florida or California and we're also taking into consideration our want/need to go somewhere that a "discount" airline flys to.
How: This is definitely a trip we'll fly to in the pursuit to get the most relax time for our buck. We're also considering "how much" and hoping to get to our destination and get lodging for $500 or less per person. All the other stuff is completely discretionary and can be easily controlled (i.e. food, drinks, activities)

Taking off now to hit the web some more . . . checking out visitor, airline and hotel websites. I love this part, but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't lose any more of my girls! I can't really afford this trip on my own but it may just have to be if it comes to that!!

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