Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Roamings

Random Roamings . . . a discovery quest of everything beyond my front door.

I love to travel . . . all of it, every single bit! From planning, to packing, to hitting the road. There are invaribly those moments along the way that give me pause to reflect, appreciate and sometimes just laugh (or cry). But here's the skinny, I'm in my early 30's. I have a young son in 5th grade. I have a decent job but I'm not rolling in the dough and I don't yet have the luxury to pick up and head off whenever I like.

Yet, I still yearn to get out and see the world. And this is my outlet, my motivation, to get outside of my routine and forget about my comfort zone and be creative with my resources and see the world, even if it starts down the road or across the country. I truly believe there are beautiful moments everywhere!

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